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Thursday, 21 March 2019

March 21, 2019

My Network of things

Idea is to have one's own network where one can have connection to its friends, families, communities , all gadgets ( printer, Fridge , AC, lights, safe ), bank , college, school, university, office, skills, previous companies, qualifications etc. This will be signature and have a unique id on block chain.

it will get updated as new things get added or gets updated. Once logged in , will get connected to all in network and can choose to communicates as required. No need to have unnecessary mails, messages or distraction. Mail box will have messages from the entities in network only. So no issue of getting SPAM, malware, spyware mails. Its something like creating trusted internet of own by adding only required and known entities.

March 21, 2019

Traffic Management using vehicle number plate

Idea is all about tracking a vehicle in real time using it's number plate. This vehicle number from number plate will be captured by CCTV cameras placed near roads, tolls and traffic light signals. Way of Implementation- High resolution camera will be fitted on each traffic light signals and turnings/ diversion of the roads. -- Camera will have capacity to capture clear image of fast moving objects. -- OCR(Optical Character Recognition) technique will be used to detect vehicle number from captured photo having number plate. --

 The vehicle number information will be saved along with time-date and speed. -- These all cameras at various places will be integrated together through network. -- All databases will be integrated together and keep track record of each and every vehicle in real time. -- Vehicle registration information can be merged with it for additional advantages. -- Vehicle owner might send request/message to know real time location of their vehicle.Benefit Better analytics and prediction about traffic load,

 so better planning can be implemented in time. -- Better traffic management in real time. -- Easy recognition and tracking of each and every vehicle on the road. -- A suspect vehicle can be recognized very easily and it's route can be traced using logs. -- Vehicle density and traffic load can be measured very precisely in real time in particular area, so best route for an emergency vehicle/ ambulance can be provided. -- Real time information and location of the vehicle can be provided to vehicle owner.

March 21, 2019

Automated Health Check

Automated Health Check is a component in which it would check all the Instances (say EBS production Instance etc.) and send the status if it is UP or DOWN or not reachable,this process would be really useful whenever there is payment process involved and it wouldn't need any Manual Check(means it doesn't need a resource) This could save the cost and the beneficial part is that it would send notifications to the concerned users that, so and so instance is down and we need to take a corrective action to make it UP. Concerned team can take corrective action and if the payment processes are involved, we can take care of that with minimal impact to the client. Note: This component would need the URL's of the specific instances and also Network should allow the access of these URL's to ping

Scenario where this component is likely to be deployed: 

This scenario can be deployed into an EBS instance, it involves Java programming and also a bit of plsql programming Application front end can be done from Oracle APEX or OAF (Oracle Application Framework) (or) ADF (Application Development Framework) Kindly note that Oracle APEX which is a very light weight tool to build GUI and I suggest this framework for building this application

March 21, 2019

Intelligent Interviewer Bot

We could develop a solution based on Holmes Platform for a ' bot'that can conduct interviews. The idea is that we will create a set of generic questions based on the generic job descriptions and let the very first interview of a candidate willing to join MNC be conducted by this 'bot'. 

The generic questions could be: 
1. Tell me about yourself? 
2. What are your key credentials for this role? 
3. What are your strengths and weaknesses 
4. Why do you want to join MNC etc..

 The bot will record the audio (and if possible the video of the interview). This video can then be forwarded on to the relevant Practice Heads/ Panel. The benefits of this are that this will perhaps be the first of its sort and get the new joiners really excited about MNC. This also saves time for the interviewers and gives them a recording readily available for next rounds of interviews. The bot can also keep track of the journey of the candidate until he/she gets the offer.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

November 14, 2018

Indian scientists square measure currently teaching robots to try and do the work

Scientists from around the world square measure engaged in new experiments within the field of AI. they're operating to develop such robots, which might build our several works easier.

Boston, Patr. Scientists from around the world square measure engaged in new experiments within the field of AI. they're operating to develop such robots, which might build our several works easier. the foremost necessary factor is to develop the power to be told early within the automaton. Scientists have taken an enormous step in this direction.

Actually, scientists square measure presently functioning on 2 such frameworks, from that robots are going to be able to learn a task quickly from humans. for instance, within the means we have a tendency to acquire any factor with our hands, currently, robots will learn this task quicker and simply through the US. The necessary factor is that a team of somebody's functioning on it embody associate degree Indian origin scientist.

Ajay Mandalakar, a Ph.D. student at a university within the US, says, "We have ready a framework named Robotka. With the assistance of this, folks are going to be able to offer directions regarding any task in real time victimization robots and smartphones. At the identical time, there's another framework created by a cow, named Surreal. Scientists getting ready this says that this framework is capable of accelerating robotic learning speed. Not solely this, with the assistance of this framework, the automaton is told many tasks at one go, that he will simply learn.

It is most significant to develop the early brain in robots. Scientists have taken an enormous step in this direction.

Scientists are engaged in 2 such frameworks, from that robots are ready to learn and work quickly from humans. as an example, within the method we have a tendency to devour any baggage with our hands, currently, robots are ready to do that work quicker with our facilities. at the same time, a bunch of souls engaged on it embody associate Indian origin scientist.

On the opposite hand, another framework has been developed, that is called Surreal. Scientists World Health Organization have developed this have aforementioned that this framework can increase golem learning speed. With the assistance of this framework, the golem is ready to simply do several things at one go. 

Let us recognize that the rationale behind this can be that scientists need to find out new add a golem. Scientists hope that shortly these robots can increase the educational ability.

Ajay says, with the assistance of AI and superheroes, we are able to break our boundaries to show robots. the power to be told robots is restricted. we are able to increase this by victimization these frameworks. With this, we are going to be able to prepare higher robots in the future, which can build our several works easier.

Learn robots like this

Robots learn one thing from their surroundings and activities solely. For this, they bit by bit collect knowledge then become skillful to try and do that employment. Humans additionally learn things from their surroundings, however, this ability to be told in robots is a way but humans. this is often the explanation why scientists need to hurry up the education of the latest tasks in robots. As a result of this, scientists have currently ready 2 frameworks. He hoped that shortly these robots can increase their brainpower.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

November 08, 2018

How to make money online:7 Secrets to Making Millions of Dollars Online

7 Secrets to Making Millions of Dollars Online 

Do you acumen folks meant scores of bucks back and my folks days they did not assume was like own land owned  banks own factories however of late there is one thing now the net and with the net you have the chance to form scores of bucks while not investment plenty of capture being well-connected square measure being born of privilege I'm a battle and these days I am about to share with you seven secrets that I hope you become 1,000,000 or an online age you know, however, I started my career I started my career by reading trash and cleansing lessons my folks and that I have plenty of cash and no activity groped poor I grew up in class America so I did not very struggle that tough however I had a to employment like those folks out there, however, if you look into Maine these days I have been very well am I able to do a great deal higher in fact WHO cannot however you recognise

why it's as a result of the net I do not have abundant several once I was beginning either I did not have and also the loans square measure huge health or something like that and that I was still able to have best as a result of the net and these seven secrets range one focus I would like to try and do people a special the younger generation they require to try and do everything there is not enough time the day to try and do twenty totally different completely different} businesses affirmative you will have twenty different concepts about choose one concerning you recognize they once asked worn however and Gates what is the one key your success and you've got the each same they wrote down on a bit of paper and in their own words they same focus, therefore, those guys created their world billions and billions of bucks focus meaning you ought to you are not a loan must {you cannot you cannot} do multiple corporations at an equivalent time he is anomaly most of the people can't do what he is doing therefore

because the second factor I even have for you as solve a hall you do not build well by simply language boom these days I would like to form cache the planet AN figured out that manner you've got to assist the folks you get to resolve a haul and we're not determination a haul then wherever folks square measure about to offer you money and this gets into my third secret that is one 2 determination a haul your answer has to be straightforward to use our cheap it's the one or the opposite and it's arduous you that it's dear who's about to mate nobody, everybody his lazy wellness do not believe Maine simply examine your phone exploitation over as a result of you do not need to drive use poll estimates and in revert desires as a result of you do not need to travel out of your house to travel get food each how is searching for convenience factor days, therefore, our answer is to Maine is it a year use for a transportable and not ideally duck the port

they have for you is learn from your mistakes and also the not world will| you'll  be able to build a lot of mistakes everybody will it isn't as merely simply making a brick and border business during which there is somebody WHO can offer you would be like here's however you started the McDonald's franchise copy this boy mill and you will had best with the net things modification out a very fast pace which implies you are going to form a lot of mistakes and that is an everybody makes mistakes if you are doing to form mistakes something's wrong we tend to do and let Maine grasp what you are doing as a result of I would like to be doing that and once creating you are making you make} these mistakes follow-on to keep track of on and avoid making an over and over

again as a result of you recognize what if you create twenty mistakes and you learn from every one of them and you've got bored creating them over and over for once more what is going on to happen when doing your for years eventually, you will grasp what to not do it's arduous to be like your and become 1,000,000 square measure at once however if you void doing the wrong things you are eventually doing the proper things of this we'll like if you would like Maine to make a deal with my biggest business mistakes these secret 0.5 for you is executed bass if you would like to maneuver however turtles speed well you are going to induce damaged everywhere and killed speed and execution is most well-liked over perfection it so moves you as quick as potential and they are moving very quickly and you are proud of your progress to re-examine you may be moving quicker and some youngsters fifteen years recent is maybe picture quicker than you this take secret you are scan there is such a lot data gentler you do not ought to attend MIT Harvard or Stanford to induce all the data within the world

well you'll simply attend the net learn from alternative entrepreneurs scan weblog purchase park run up it and do no matter you'll to find out additional even checkbooks and stories online of others steel and your house and see what mistakes they are creating seven secrets I hope for you is that you just have return pesters and that I grasp what you are thinking what the euphemism how's out a secret well matters for introducing each your new business like however, you're revolutionizing the taxi business they, therefore, a way to return patter it absolutely was taxi caps so no matter your return pesters perhaps to maintain the online and rummage around for articles and interviews of the founding father of that company and after you realize is in those interviews these founders and that I remote why they’re they square measure doing this there are building all their numbers they're stats or mistakes and also the secrets that facilitate them

November 08, 2018

How to rank website: 3 Powerful SEO Tips to Rank #1 on Google in 2019

3 Powerful SEO Tips to Rank #1 on Google in 2019

Do you wished to rig favored on google well I hate to mention it's really extremely laborious 10 years agony it accustomed be very easy however now it's laborious and you recognize that unless you watch this whole video so if you are not about to be able to write favored on google I am Yale beetle and nowadays I am about to the share with you 3 ways you excellent favored on google nowadays I got started modern once I was sixteen years previous I might it internet sites referred to as by little she had not existed if you explored for you are not about to see my website it absolutely 

was a replication and that they ought to be the replication of monster, not decision and once I created the website I believed OH cools this can be it individuals square measure about to return to my sight and I am about to get capes however you recognize what I popped up the website and nobody came to that from that point I spotted there square measure one thing referred to as that I had to try to so a couple of marking corporations tell Pine Tree State what computer program organizations so that I might create favored and goal for turns like jobs square measure but you recognize what I gave them cash and that I got no results eventually could be a sixteen-year previous child I lost all my cash you simply will create most cash inexperienced restrooms no tracks thus I had to find out it however in or started it absolutely was straightforward as a golf shot the cues on your website and you'll rank I would like was that I want of late number one specialize in content use Google has is up they referred to as avoid form bird and what avoid form bird however this aspect to try to is websites UN agency simply have content everything one to in addition as what these you specialize in one the single nature and our super thorough as an example

let's say you've got an internet site around qualitative analysis|chemical analysis|qualitative analysis if you have ever once aforementioned around dating and your article is parenthetically talking concerning five ways that you'll be able to land to this point or highways cycle and you'd dream and if you finish up breaking down they're going to map from a sign in and you will aim to match when you'll have the professional pole, you are not about to do this well, however, a couple of a right article that breaks and the way to form a gas shock calm the ideal image they deal description how to be funny the way to even perhaps at the video I do not recognize I have been on these chemical analysis sites and ages however if you go extremely find yourself and you break down each very little things that they ought to do so when you break on a shark commune cite or maybe cite bumblebee then cite the harmony all the opposite

part forms you do not even discuss however you must respond the individuals and interact with them must you be touch individuals what is the very first thing you must say however she responds wherever you go we tend tore initial day right the way to care from your purse day and asking on a second eight however if you're super third and your continents all superb that individuals square measure like however well I scan this text I do not have to any extent further queries and that I recognize what to try to next that is out there you would like to thus hold calls in your content and as several holes, as you'll be able to and fill all told up thus then that method individuals like this can be there and everyone that you ought to and up breeding up you are inquisitive about chemical analysis

online really what is funny I needed chemical analysis was this straightforward once I was younger I could not simply be exhausted like tender by within the next that was the town next to my body to scan alternative day and you've got swapping kinswoman and he is like check this out swipe in Ogden Nash swipe is not thirty and matches inside a couple of minutes however back in my flower would have to be compelled to attend a borrow meet individuals in really talked to my right thus currently that we tend to get that away lets about to the

second tip, if you would like to form favored on google the second it by however for you, optimizes your periodic event tag and you are met an outline the ever got a google search and see that each time you are doing it there is just assume at the highest so there is this one sentence with the converging the top is named the title tag and therefore the description below is named associate degree live description currently consider it this fashion of analysis for the phrase online qualitative analysis chemical analysis qualitative analysis and you do not see the word on-line dating Pine Tree State that the title or the outline we're about to click on the result well if you're there is one thing wrong as a result of why would you cook on a result

the is not associated with what you are looking for adding to it I've ne'er do the explore for a term like on-line chemical analysis and have you ever notice that the word is within the Tyler description that's as a result of google tracks who's clicking on what listing and they've learned that once a key work that is within the listing that very same you that you are looking or fatal you are far more seemingly to fast through this and your title tag and you are living and confirm you embody the key however you cannot simply embody the key would love and at nice the simplest wherever I'd neutralize a would like it absolutely was this straightforward I simply not on my perhaps online dating geological qualitative analysis|chemical analysis qualitative analysis chemical analysis qualitative analysis on-line dating online dating

if I might place it twenty times thus those who recognize that the articles on online chemical analysis I would like I would get a lot of but it is not that easy affirmative you've got I think would the cure senior title anger description, however, it's to be appealing in a does not bowl in a very sentence it is not straightforward to scan and it is not a peeling or bow country the seat nobody goes to fast through 

Monday, 5 November 2018

November 05, 2018

What is the future of machine learning

Machine learning

To give you an easy answer, the scope of machine learning within the future is barely restricted by our imagination. Things that we tend to once saw in movies and our wildest dreams become probably because of machine learning.

There’s many ways that machine learning (which is really a set of Artificial Intelligence) area unit serving to our lives recover. a number of them area unit thus instrumental to our lives, we tend to most likely couldn’t live while not them!
For example, once you’re booking a taxi, you’re shown what quantity the trip would price. Or once you’re on the trip, you’re shown the trail the taxi would want reach your destination. All of that, is machine learning.

You’ve announce an image on Facebook. And in real time, you’re given suggestions on whom to tag within the pic.

Like I aforesaid, machine learning has become a awfully necessary a part of our lives, while not North American nation even realizing it.

Machine Learning is quick growing currently in terms of job opportunities.

The demand for engineers and scientists with data in Machine Learning is growing because the quantity of knowledge within the world will increase.

After graduation you'll be able to pursue careers, conjointly if y as an example as, software system Developer, Deep learning Engineer, pc Vision Engineer, information Analyst, computer programmer, Quantitative Analyst, information soul, and Systems Engineer in corporations as Dice, Logitech, Google, and McKinsey sure example Scandinavian country, European nation, Germany, China, India, and the US.This Master's program is additionally an appropriate basis for add a research and development department in trade, additionally as for a continuing analysis career, and PhD-studies.

With this increase in IoT and connected devices, we have a tendency to currently have access to most a lot of data—and beside it, Associate in Nursing exaggerated ought to manage and perceive what we all know.

Also, as a result of numerous totally different industries area unit commencing to place confidence in machine learning, you have got an excellent chance as a developer to be told however it works and the way it would bring worth to your product.
November 05, 2018

Python is better than java

Python is better than java

There are several reasons that Python is thrashing Java. Actually, hold on a second. What will “beating Java” mean?

Beating Java at what?

I think the solution is quality or status.

Okay, well generally Java isn’t nearly as widespread or prestigious because it once was. Believe it or not, once upon a time Java was cool.

Yes, Java wont to be cool. it absolutely was the new new issue and thousands of developers and corporations flocked to Java.

And once all of them showed up, they ruined it. Well, not specifically. It’s not that straightforward. More like, they ruined it for newbies.

Specifically, once an oversized crowd shows up to a artificial language, over time larger, additional skilled comes ar designed and people tend to feature tier of expertise and standardization that takes tons of the fun away.

New things ar fun as a result of the fun police haven’t shown up nonetheless and brought your toys away nonetheless. The fun police tend to wear suits or khaki pants, work massive technology firms like IBM, Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Oracle. Their life is spent in conferences and that they care regarding standards.

Sure, they ship software system, however like within the slowest and most careful approach potential. For them, billions of actual bucks ar on the road. So, 1st they require to try to to no damage. Second, they may need to form customers pleased with the new build.

Mostly, it higher not break.

For the last fifteen years a minimum of, Java has been the Enterprise language of alternative and everything in this scheme looks additional bent toward massive software system firms than anything. and that i get that, i actually do.

But those approaches are not any fun.

Enter Python.

Python is employed everywhere the place, however it’s managed to remain well-managed and fun for a decent very long time. you'll still simply transfer Python and begin hacking away at very little scripts and apps and things.

It’s great.
Now, there ar massive comes in Python, and you'll safely ignore those. They aren’t “the one true standard” the approach that those things become in Java.

And tons of cool things ar in-built Python that ar meant for “unprofessional” developers. As in, amateurs, weekend hackers, and other people simply trying to unravel very little issues. That conjointly includes knowledge scientists, AI researchers, and machine learning stuff too.

But most of that isn’t designed for the “enterprise” crowd the approach Java things ar.

So, i might say the spirit of well managed fun keeps Python in an exceedingly sensible place to grow and be widespread.

And I’m positive sooner or later Python can lose its spot like went on to alternative languages before it. (People wont to love Basic and Visual Basic and Perl)

The good news is I’m positive Python are going to be replaced by one thing fun. Or a minimum of, there'll perpetually be a fun and helpful language out there like Python. which makes American state a contented coder.

November 05, 2018

Why Artificial Intelligence(AI) is important

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence. All contemporary trends rely upon AI technology owing to capability to try to to knowledge analysis and increasing of the potency. AI is employed to create a a lot of correct diagnosing supported data from the patient’s EHR. AI is ready to research all incoming knowledge, previous nosology and symptoms to predict the user pathological state and variants to resolve it.

The AI trend ,I am a trillion positive of it.

Doctors area unit imperfect and have sinning decide mental personalities.You provide them your symptoms and that they reflect and essentially guess your diagnosing.. they'll dictate by trial and error. you have got to follow up to induce prescription refills.

If you provide your symptoms to a AI pc.. no temperament issues no judgement.. labwork evaluated.. they use algorithms . a far a lot of correct diagnosing. a thought for treatment. the acceptable prescription if required. Refills from pharmacy etc may well be entered into AI and REfilled supported diagnosing and set up.

With computer science, folks wouldn't suspend symptoms, would get tried by a non judgemental AI that offers you logical considerations. instead of the Dr United Nations agency can scorn you for being overweight etc.

As associate degree RN if thirty years , I’d rather see AI than Dr.

Artificial intelligence helps to spot cancer cells and style treatments. it's even getting used to help surgeons within the in operation rooms.

Health privately health. the net appointment has come back to remain, and is already a growing trend altogether the medical tables of the leading insurance corporations in Espana. corporations like Doctoralia create it potential even for doctors in individual consultations, with nice success of each repetitive patients and 1st visits. The hospital chains incorporate it already in their apps, with a use that exceeds half-hour of the entire variety of patients in several cases.

We area unit a minimum of a one thousand years aloof from a real AI. There’s all this worry that AI can take over the globe and destroy US. folks area unit luddites. we are able to perpetually disable or destroy the AI however if we have a tendency to produce one thing sensible it'll have a minimum of a basic kind of reason and a few kind of logical virtue. associate degree AI is nearly not possible as a result of we have a tendency to cannot decrypt the human mind and perceive however language is encoded or what words mean in our brain. To a pc a word is simply associate degree array of letters. A string of bits. And a definition is simply associate degree array of nested words. Another string of bits. because it is my opinion that the atom the whole universe and our bodies area unit keep in computation it's to be potential sooner or later to put in writing AI however we have a tendency to area unit to date from it. we have a tendency to can’t wven perceive the predicates of basic thought or consciousness. It’s frustrating. All this human brain project hogwash is for nothing.

November 05, 2018

Authentication-How OTP works?

Authentication-How OTP works?

The process of identifying an individual,usually based on a username and password.In security systems,authentication is ditrict from authorization,which is the process of giving individuals access to system objects based in their identity.
And OTP is playing vital role to make the applications and services more secure.
OTP(One-Time Password)
A One time password is an automaticall generated numeric or alphanumeric string of characters thet authenticates  the user for a dingle transaction or session.

How does the OTP work?
A one time password is a password that is valid only for login session or transaction.As the OTP expires after one session it is immune to replay attacks.
Replay Attacks- A kind of network attack in which a valid data transmission is maliciously and fraudulently repeated.
OTP Generation Algorithms typicxally make use of pseudo-randomness.Some are based on Time-sychncronization,while others use mathematical alogorithms.
Configuration of OTP:-
Login into web admin and go to definitions & usersI Authentication Services I OTP
users who will use OTP 
1.       All Users-Check the box for all users must use one time passwords.
2.       Specfic Users-Uncheck the box for users must use one time passwords.
3.       The users and groups box will be shown.
4.       Create or add existing UTM users.
Select How tokens will be created.
1.       Automatically-Check the box for auto-create OTP tokens for users.
2.       Manually-Uncheck the box for autocreate Tokens for users.
Note:-Baco de Brasilia is a brazil based bank,was the first bank who implemented OTP System.
Yes,its a secure that's why is used by banks and other organizations like Google.And it's more secure among various schemes available.
The only risk is of snoppong the OTP over the mobile network company and knowing the key to decrypt the encrypted password.